Project Management

  • Needs assessments are conducted in line with clients’ Terms of Reference.
  • Project proposal elaboration support is provided to donors’ local partners to enable them elaborate high impact project proposals based on felt needs.
  • Project implementation support is provided to plan and implement projects in compliance with donor instructions and standards.
  • Design and conduct of impact assessment missions are undertaken through design of relevant questionnaires, performance of assessments and analysis of data to assess project’s impact on beneficiaries’ lives.
  • Organizational capacity assessments: conducted to enable donors assess  gaps and plan interventions prior or during project implementation.

Supply of Goods

  • Supply of stationery for projects in Kenya/S. Sudan.
  • Supply of medical and non-medical goods for projects in S. Sudan.
  • Supply of blankets for Iinternally Displaced persons.
  • Supply of high energy nutrition food for children, pregnant and lactating mothers.
  • Supply of Cement and other construction materials to Sudan.
  • Supply of Fertiliser.
  • Supply of Relief Food Items.

Financial Administration and Management Services

  • Design and elaboration of simple and complex project budgets in compliance with donor standards (USAID, EU, German Government, Caritas Germany, Global Fund etc.)
  • Financial administration of projects in compliance with donors’ financial standards.
  • Supervision of agencies’ financial management of projects to deliver standards compliance.
  • Designs or update financial policies.
  • Training of finance & management staff on finance & finance-related matters.
  • Project audits to assess donor compliance.

Logistical and Administrative Support Services

  • Management of flight, hotel and conference bookings for project staff in the region.
  • Chartering and supervision of loading of goods for South Sudan.
  • Transportation of goods in Kenya and to South Sudan.


- Constitutional Review and Implementation Process in Somalia.
- Legal drafting support for the Somali Federal Parliament.
- Legal training of various government officials in Sudan & South Sudan.