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Developing countries are often recipients of international aid. Much of this aid is administered through different kinds of projects that are either relief, rehabilitation or developmental in nature.

Prior to Open Horizons’ inception, the current Managing Director interacted with various donor agencies from various backgrounds. It was observed that there was a significant gap between donors’ project and financial management standards and existing local agencies’ capacities. This reality made it a challenge for the implementing agencies to fulfill requirements from donors and achieve their projects’ objectives. Through her interaction with the local agencies she was successful in creating and enhancing technical capacities. This success in turn led to effective programmes that achieved local development goals while complying with donor standards.In order to continue supporting local agencies to develop technical capacities that would ultimately contribute to alleviation of poverty, the Managing Director registered Open Horizons Co. Ltd. in 2008 through which these services would be delivered.

Main Objective

To provide effective Project Management and Financial Administrative consultancy services, as well as quality Supplies for projects in Africa.


By lowering our operational costs, we are able to charge reasonable fees yet operate within these margins without compromising the quality of our goods or services. This conscious effort by Open Horizons Co. Ltd. serves to enable our clients achieve maximum benefits from their investment, be it material needs, or need for consultancy/advisory services.